Dog Shampoo Australia

Most dogs love the beach and if your pup is one of them, you certainly want to give him and yourself the opportunity to have fun together.

A run in the beach with your 4-legged friend is faster and better with a total of six simultaneous legs😊

Have you heard about a Dog Shampoo made in Australia especially for those who love the Beach?

The joys of galloping together on a sandy beach, dog and best friend, with the sound of waves and the cry of seagulls, regardless of weather, is exhilarating.

So why do dogs love the beach?

Most dogs can swim and swimming is a great exercise for our little buddies. It strengthens their heart and lungs by stimulating all their muscles without tiring their hips and back joints.

Is there a breed of dogs that love the beach?

Generally, all dogs love the beach. Although Rocket likes to think he is of the breed who has a natural love of the beach, I don’t believe that there is one particular breed of dog that specifically loves the water or beach more than another.

It’s like asking what human likes the beach more? Every dog has a different personality and has been trained in a different way. If one of your requirements, when adopting a fur baby, was to take him to the beach and you find that your little mate is scared, you may need to be patient, don’t push it and introduce him gently to the water.

So, after a swim at the beach or a roll in the sand – A good wash may be needed.

The basics of choosing a dog shampoo – you should consider your dog’s skin.

When shopping for a shampoo for your dog, you need to limit your options to dog shampoos only. No matter how well your shampoo works on your hair, the PH level of your dog’s skin is quite different. You do not want to upset your dog by drying his or her skin out. The wrong shampoo also could create a nasty environment for viruses, bacteria, or parasites. If your dog has dry skin, you may have to opt for a shampoo which has jojoba oil, flaxseed oil and oatmeal because they will soothe dry skin. To be on the safe side, you should consider using natural ingredient shampoos even if your dog’s skin is not sensitive.

When choosing a shampoo for your dog, you should not only rely on the scent alone. Naturally, infused products with calming qualities are usually the best.


Our Dog Shampoo is an effective shampoo for your dog. The natural blend of Hydrolysed Quinoa Protein and Flaxseed Oil fights germs and leaves your pet with a soft, hydrated, and fresh smelling coat. Go on, treat your pet to an indulgent shampoo. Infused with Spiced cucumber, Lavender and Tea Tree scent.

Get a quality dog shampoo

Before you rule out the expensive products, consider that no matter how often you bathe your dog, a bottle of dog shampoo tends to last longer than human shampoo. When you purchase a large bottle of dog shampoo, it can last for a whole year. This means that the product will keep your dog clean and save you money over time. Buying a quality shampoo will also keep your dog cleaner for longer thus lengthening the period between baths.

Instead of buying cheaper products that you must use frequently to keep your dog clean, it would be much cheaper to buy a quality product.

How to choose the right dog shampoo?

· It should take care of skin issues. So, does your dog have skin issues? ...
· It should maintain Right Skin PH. ...
· Be aware of any allergies your dog may have to ingredients of the shampoo. ...
· Is your pet's skin sensitive? Check
· Pay attention to Skin types. (oily/dry) ?...
· Check for Approvals by relevant authorities. ...

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